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Brian Kane

Zoom Console

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Vintage touch screen video chat and YouTube console with antenna, 2021

The Zoom Console is a hands-free video chat and YouTube console from the monoliths of the past.

Chat in style and party like it's 1929 with this olds cool lightweb internet console.  Change channels and tune in your favorite internet YouTube videos with the custom retro rabbit ears antenna, or use the vintage 10" oval touch screen controls.  Includes HD round (oval) format screen and extra deep bass speakers for DJ and speakeasy party mode.   Connects via WiFi and bluetooth for maximum compatibility.

Zoom Console is the best way to connect with family, friends, and followers on all your favorite platforms.  Zoom's Console's sleek exterior design will fit in with any decor while its sturdy construction ensures it can be passed down through generations.  Zoom Consoles's vintage touch screen display allows easy connection to modern technology.