About Brian Kane

Brian Kane   
Playing with everyday inspirations, Brian Kane's work creates unexpected fun in everyday places. Stimulating curiosity and cultural self-reflection, his art blurs the line between our digital and our physical lives. His work reminds us that it’s okay to have fun. 

Currently based in Lafayette, Colorado, Brian has shown artworks internationally for 30+ years. Owner of General Design and a specialist in artificial intelligence and user experience, Brian also taught apparel and industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).   

His work has shown in Paris, London, New York, Barcelona, Brasilia, Boston, and more, and has been seen on Good Morning America, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Cheddar, MTV, DesignBoom, Colossal, Creators Project and more. 
Recent Major Works
Heart Sphere - 2021 (NEW)
Landing Module (Inflatable Anvil) - 2017
Alexa Fish - 2016
Healing Tool Billboards - 2015

"Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.  From the heart to the head - art touches our soul when it talks to us on an emotional level first, and then leaves you with something interesting to think about.  Find overlooked moments in daily life and transform them into something remarkable.  Mental and emotional empty space is the primary commodity in the attention economy.  Meme hard or go home :)"

On this site you can buy artist direct.   

Some select items are artist collaborations between Brian Kane and Michael Oatman or Gardner Post.   Sales of collaborative pieces support both artists.

Every purchase over $1,000 includes an exclusive 1 hour online studio tour and conversation with the artist, and an automatic 10% collector discount.

About Limited Edition Prints
Each piece of artwork arrives with a certificate documenting it's a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print (the “Print”), produced directly from the artist’s original.

A uniquely numbered matching hologram authenticates both items--the certificate and the Print.

• The artist certifies that the Print is produced strictly in accordance with Edition Particulars detailed on the certificate.

• The artist retains sole copyright of the original artwork and the Print. The artist provides a limited license to the owner of the Print for his or her own display and enjoyment.

• The owner of the Print may not copy or display it in any other format other than the Print without the express written permission of the artist.

• The owner of the Print may sell or gift the print to another party and the limited license and restrictions shall apply to such party.