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Brian Kane

Pickup 2 Print

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Pickup 2 Print by Brian Kane

printed on C-Type Fuji Flex

Edition of 20

14.0 inches x 18.7 inches

Each artwork comes with a certificate document that certifies the accompanying artwork is a genuine and authentic limited edition fine art print (the “Print”) produced directly from the artist’s original. The certificate and the accompanying Print are authenticated by the uniquely numbered matching holograms found on both items. The artist certifies that the Print is produced strictly in accordance with the Edition Particulars detailed on this certificate. Sole copyright of the original artwork and the Print are retained by the artist. The artist provides a limited licence to the owner of the Print for his or her own display and enjoyment. The owner of the Print may not copy or display it in any other format other than the Print without the express written permission of the artist. The owner of the Print may sell or gift the print to another party and the limited licence and restrictions shall apply to such party.